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What do I need to help my training?

New members to the club might find it difficult to choose the right toys to help with training. There are some essentials that you will need in order to train well and there is a minefield of other gadgets and trinkets that you might want to consider. We hope that you will find the information below helpful, if you have anything to add please email


There are a few things you will need to help improve your swimming and to get the best from each session. You might not use them every week but they are really helpful.
As you can imagine there are many different brands. The best thing to do is to speak to someone in the pool that has something you want to buy and ask their advice. You might find that they have a pair of fins that they love or that they really don't like but have stuck with them to save some money. The links below will take you to the more popular sites with a variety of different swimming aids. When you start to race in open water you will need to buy a wetsuit. Best suggestion is to go into Sigma Sport and have a chat with our head coach Ian Rooke about the different options there are. This will be the most expensive swimming aid you will buy.


Running requires a less training aids than swimming. You need to make sure you have a pair of shoes that fit. In general shoes should be replaced every 300 - 500 kilometres depending on what running surface you are training on. You might want to consider a pair of loc laces as it will save you valuable time in transition on a race. Running with a technical t-shirt is also advised you can buy Kingfisher kit from Chloe ( or have a look on our kit page for more information. Use the links above to help you in your search for running kit or navigate to the Useful Links page for more online shops. Both shops below offer good advice and gait analysis to help you choose suitable shoes.


Cycling is a proper minefield. This is where you will part with most of your money, In my case all of my money! However it is possible to do all of this on a budget. If you know what you want you can search online for the best price. If you have no idea go into Sigma Sport and have a chat with the guys there. You will get good advice on what you need to get you started, just don't fall into the trap of buying something that is very shiny and new, it might not be what you need. It might in fact be detrimental to your training!

When buying a bike I would recommend a bike fit. This can either be a simple 30 mins with a measuring tape to make sure you have the right size frame, or £200 - £300 for a complete bike fit service. This can help alleviate any aches and pains that may crop up. Sigma Sport and Pearson Cycles both offer this service.

You might also be eligible for the cycle to work scheme, ask at your work if they run this.

​Things you will need...
LYCRA - lots of lycra

Other really helpful toys

The information above will help you purchase the minimum kit to get you started in the wonderful world that is triathlon. However there are a few other gadgets that will help you in your quest for a PB. These are not essential, however you will see other club members using them during training sessions and races.

A triathlon specific watch

A triathlon specific watch. There are a few out there now. The brand leaders seem to be Garmin and Suunto. Chances are if you want to buy this sort of gadget someone at the club has one or had one. Most multipart watches also come with a heart rate monitor, you can use this when you are running, cycling and swimming (with the correct bits). Ask at a training session or post on Facebook, members are only too keen to share their knowledge of new bits of bling!

Turbo Trainer

A turbo trainer is great for those winter days when you can't get out onto the road. If you attend the club turbo sessions on a Thursday we have some you can borrow but you can't take it home with you. There are many different types on the market, it all depends on your budget...

Speed and Cadence sensors

These are essential if you want to monitor your speed and cadence. They will pair with any triathlon specific watch or dedicated cycle computer. Some require magnets attached to your frame, I would recommend the garmin ones as they don't require any magnets and are really easy to set up and use.

Links and reviews

If there is a gadget that you want to buy the chances are that there has been a review online. The site I use is DC Rainmaker. He will review the latest bits of technology before it has hit the market. Have a look here to see if what you want to buy gets his thumbs up.
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